Laptop Cooler for upto 15 inch laptops : LAPCARE Fusion

LAPCARE Fusion: Laptop Cooler with Enhanced Radiation Cooling. 4 heavy-duty USB 2.0 ports to support larger accessories like printer, scanner. Suitable for laptops up to 15 inches size.

Laptop heating can be a serious problem, especially in tropical countries like India. An overheated laptop means anything from sluggishness to unresponsiveness to System crashes. A good and cost effective solution to Laptop overheating can be a Laptop Cooler. LAPCARE, developers of laptop peripherals and accessories for all premium laptop brands have launched its all in one laptop cooler – LAPCARE Fusion

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Fusion laptop cooler is designed to provide enhanced radiation cooling to the laptops. The high quality plastic built of Fusion makes it strong to hold the laptop while working and also keeps it light at weight. It is anchored with 4 heavy duty USB 2.0 ports to support larger accessories like printers and scanners. Fusion is in-built with 14 cm high speed silent fan that can be adjusted both the sides, on left or right sides, for focused laptop cooling.

laptop cooler, 15 inch laptop coolerLAPCARE Fusion’s excellent ergonomic design provides users with comfortable viewing angle and arm landing positions.Fusion is designed with hidden rear hub plate which helps in managing the cables and keeping the appearance neat and compact. The 6 step inclination option of Fusion helps users to adjust the height as per their convenience. Large metal mesh supports Fusion in providing enhanced radiation cooling.

How a Laptop Cooler is used with a Laptop:

laptop cooler under the laptopThe laptop cooler seats horizontally on the surface and the laptop is put over the Fan vents. When the Laptop cooler blows and the cooler vents are inline with the laptop air vents (on the back of the laptop); the temperatures inside the laptop come down. The Laptop and the Laptop cooler are connected via USB ports. The size of the fan, its speed and the placement of the fans are deciding factors in the effectiveness of a laptop cooler.


Key Features of Lapcare Fusion laptop cooler or laptop fan:


Technical Features:

  • Adjustable high power, high speed silent cooling fans.
  • 4 heavy duty USB 2.0 ports to support larger accessories like printers, scanners etc.
  • Easy to carry, light weight built of high quality plastic material.
  • 14 cm high speed silent fan.
  • Suitable for up to 15 inches laptops.
  • Large metal mesh to provide enhanced radiation cooling.
  • 6 step inclination options to adjust the height as per convenience.
  • Hidden rear hub plate to manage variety of cables.


Ms. Barkha Bosman, Marketing Head at LAPCARE India Pvt. Ltd. said,

LAPCARE Fusion laptop cooler is designed to provide better comfort to the users and enhanced cooling to the laptop while working. The light weight and compact design allows users to carry it around easily and work on the same by comfortably landing it on the desk or on the lap. Its high speed cooling fan ventilates the heat generated enabling laptop to produce cold air and create the best cooling performance. In a simple way the Fusion is a right blend of comfort and innovation.


Price, warranty and availability

Fusion is priced at Rs.1650 (MRP). This product comes with a warranty period of 12 months and with registering of product at the buyer will get extra 1 months warranty.

PS: One of the reasons for overheating laptop is the battery. A defective battery overheats the laptop. Hence before buying a laptop cooler to cool down your over heating laptop, please check the state of you battery, if your battery depletes too fast and overheats, then may be it’s the battery which needs to be replaced first.

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