Leather Finish Power Bank | ADATA PV120 Power Bank

ADATA PV120 Power Bank : Leather finish power bank with Opulent for premium look. 5100 mAh Battery to charge 2 devices at a time.

Leather Finish Power BankADATA Technology, has recently launched PV120 Power Bank, featuring a leather-textured exterior or leather like exterior with smooth metallic side-striping, a bright LED power level indicator indicating the power remained for charging. The Leather Finish Power Bank ultra-slim PV120 Power Bank comes with metallic-trimmed siding in black, white, or blue and packs a sizable 5100mAh capacity for those mobile users who need to charge up to two mobile devices at once. The leather finish power bank comes with opulent, a kind of finish, that’s the exterior is lacquered and is finished with shellac.


Leather finish Power Bank means Premium Look


Leather Finish Power Bank | ADATA PV120 Power BankA leather finish power bank means having a power bank with premium or expensive look. In addition, the leather finish with elegantly streamlined easy-grip design, helps you carry the power bank with ease,

With a smudge-free leather-textured exterior colored in your choice of black, white, or blue, the opulently stylish PV120 Leather finish Power Bank sports a single 2A input for faster self-charging, and 1A / 2.1A outputs so you can charge up to two devices simultaneously.

The PV120 comes with a whopping 5100mAh charge capacity – enough for nearly 2 charges on an iPhone 6 and more than 1 charge on an iPhone 6 Plus.

To save your time, the PV120 supports simultaneous charge and discharge for improved efficiency. No need to wait for the PV120 to be fully charged: you still can charge your mobile devices simultaneously while the PV120 is being charged.


Power Bank with Extensive Safety features


Leather Finish Power BankThe PV120 provides higher conversion efficiency, thus delivering a fuller battery capacity for outstanding quality and reliability.

To help ensure your own safety while ensuring a long and steady service life, the PV120 leather finish power bank  comes packed with six safety features including Over-Temperature Protection, Over-Charge Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Over-Voltage Protection, Over-Discharge Protection and Over-Current Protection.

Its flame-resistant shielding offers greater safety, and RoHS-compliant materials make the PV120 Power Bank an eco-friendly product.

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