Lee Child novel based Tom Cruise’s Highly Anticipated ‘Jack Reacher’ upcoming movie Trailer

Ever since it was announced that there would be a film based on the character from the Lee Child novels, many have been waiting for the first trailers.

The first trailer of Tom Cruise starer and highly anticipated movie “Jack Reacher” is out there.

Who is Jack Reacher in lee Child novels? Well he is 6’5? with a 50 inch chest, weighs between 200 & 250 lbs with blue eyes and dirty blonde hair.

A perfect match with Tom Cruise! Despite the obvious physical dissimilarity, Tom is playing Jack.

Jack Reacher, is a badass, who breaks noses and limbs without a second thought, and almost always uses his physical superiority to take down opponents. And from the trailer it appears that his brutality is adequately covered in the movie.

Whether Tom playing a badass is too much for you, the movie has ended the years long wait of Lee Child fans to see his novel characters on a movie screen.