A Lesson Rahul Gandhi can learn from Indira Gandhi

With budget session on, Rahul Gandhi’s absence from the Indian Political scene is a sad event. He might have taken the break, so as to think deeply on the recent political debacles; but still, this is not how Leaders conduct themselves. They remain there, where the Action is. Actually he’s not helping his party and its voters, by taking such ill timed breaks.

He must have taken some cues from his Grandmother, former PM Indira Gandhi. It was Indira Gandhi’s resolve to regain her party’s lost political Ground; which brought Congress back to power in January 1980. This was quite surprising going by the enormity of anti-Congress wave just three years back.

No one is expecting that sort of miracle from Rahul Gandhi. The times have changed a lot. What used to apply then, can’t be replicated now. But some tenets of leadership are Universal. They apply to all the times. One of these is: A Leader faces the attack first. After all it is he/she who leads the pack.

Why does Rahul Gandhi need some peace to introspect? That too when political action is at its height! Events such as the Budget Session, debates on crucial bills are a fuel for a politician. Simply because they give him/her the opportunity to speak. Here, speaking doesn’t mean the act of oratory. Here, speaking simply means making a connect with the people. A connect which tells the people, there’s someone who cares for them.