Lets side Arvind Kejriwal on who Rules Delhi!

For more than two weeks now, Delhi and the country is rattled with one question  — who rules Delhi OR Who’s the real ruler of Delhi?

Is it the Leutinent Governor Najib Zung OR the Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal?

I think, without any second thoughts, we should side Arvind Kejriwal.

Why? Because of the following reasons:

1) We the People are the Rulers : Lets set aside what the Constitution of India says about the powers of Lieutenant Governor. The real rulers of India are its People. People rule through their elected representatives, hence a Chief Minister has always the bigger right to rule, than an LG.

2) How Will a Chief Minister Govern and implement Things : If a Lieutenant Governor quashes down the decisions made by a CM and his Government, then how on Earth the CM and his Government govern and carry out new policies. The Delhi LG’s decision to hand-pick a Chief Secretary could had been tolerated, if he had not quashed all Government orders after that. If this is the way LG will act, then no single order of the elected Government could survive.

3) Delhi is neither a full Union Territory not a Full state : This means that the Constitutional provision that a Governor must take decision only on the advice of the CM, applies to Delhi as well.

4) High Court latest observation : The Delhi High Court on Monday said that the Anti-Corruption Branch (ACB) of Delhi Government has the power to arrest police personnel, even when the Delhi Police comes under Union Government. Thus, the Honorable HC denied bail to Delhi Police Head Constable Anil Kumar, arrested in connection with a bribery charge.

Actually the Hc observed that since Delhi Police operates in Delhi, hence it comes under Delhi Government’s jurisdiction as well. You can see this development as the Aam Aadmi Party’s argument that, the BJP’s claim that Lieutenant Governor is the real ruler of Delhi, is wrong. Simply because Delhi has many characteristics of a State ( a partial State). The BJP led Union Government is trying to present Delhi as black & white picture of LG’s rule, when the picture is not that simple.

The judgment points to the fact that LG’s recent decisions are not that innocent and the Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal led State government’s machinery has real powers.

5) BJP Government’s argument is full of contradictions : When BJP says the LG is the real ruler of Delhi, then it dilutes the People’s Rule in the Country. Does BJP support Governor, LG and Bureaucracy displace an elected CM in other states in India?

In other words will BJP allow Delhi LG replace the collective wisdom of 67 member AAP Government in Delhi?

The day BJP made its Minister from North East, term IAS Shakuntala Gamlin’s issue as a  victimization of a person from North East, it became sufficiently clear that the Union Government is doing politics on the issue. After all, an IAS is not any common joe from North East. He/she is much powerful to be victimized. Especially when he/she managed to reach the Senior IAS cadre.

Lets ask the Union Government to allow Kejriwal Government to govern Delhi peacefully. If the elected Government in Delhi is interrupted time and again, then the biggest losers will be the people of Delhi.


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