‘Liberal’ in India has gained currency in last 4 years

In the last 4 years, the word ‘Liberal’ has become a strong word in India.

In a sense that every time a person with very narrow extreme views starts losing an argument he/she instantly calls the other person as a Liberal or pseudo-liberal. This in a way has helped the word “Liberal” gain value.

indian liberal, indian pseudo liberalLiberal is, and has always been a very, strong moral philosophy of life; and it is good to be a liberal. If someone tags a person as a liberal, then it in fact is a irrevocable praise (which cannot be changed).

A liberal person is one who lives his/her life by following the moral philosophy based on liberty and equality without exception.

Without exception means they choose friends and others purely on whether they like the person or not; OR whether the person is skilled in his work. This means that they don’t focus on gender, religion, caste, ethnicity, nationality or any other distinction. You will rarely find a Liberal person seeing leadership, freedom, opportunity and equality based on the the other person’s gender, religion, caste, ethnicity, Nationality or any other distinction.

Some of us will say what is good in that?

There is.

Being liberal means the person will adjust better in any work place and society. He or she will not be uncomfortable with the boss’s gender or religion. At  a time when big companies are keen on including diversity in their work places; a person with liberal outlook( tolerance, openness and less extreme views on food, attire etc.) will gel better in a team; and become a productive part of it. He/she will be least obstructionist; and hence more valued.

So next time, someone calls you a liberal, thank Him or Her!

Being liberal is morally good, not only in work place, but outside of it as well.