Life Changing Experiences at IIM, IIFs Bangalore, New Book

Life Changing Experiences at IIM, IIFs Bangalore. A New Book of fiction by Vibhor Tikiya, is inspired by his own experiences at IIM Ahmedabad and IIFs Bangalore. The Book is launched by Intelligent Huma Qureshi.


A new book, titled Dada: The Journey of A Friend. A Fighter ?. A Believer, by first time author Vibhor Tikiya is launched today by Huma Qureshi (of Gangs of Wasseypur 2 fame). The book is a fiction and takes incidents, motivations, obstacles from author’s life changing experiences at India’s prestigious institutes IIM Ahmedabad and IIFs Bangalore.

The book DADA is about the rebellious guy ( read Vibhor Tikiya) who never followed principles and rules in college and suddenly his life changes when he meets his other friends. How Dada became what he is today. The book says there is DADA in each one of us.

Will review the book for you, very soon (Reviewed it, Find Dada Book Review Here).

About DADA, by Vibhor Tikiya

dada-vibhor Tikiya IIM AhemedabadDada: The Journey of A Friend. A Fighter ?. A Believer

Premiere Institute Beware!!! I Have Arrived? This was the first thought in my mind when I set foot at the prestigious Premiere Institute of Technology. There was enough reason for me to think that way. I was an out and out rebel. I never followed rules. I never respected the system. I cheated, manipulated and was headed to no-mans land. The institute was probably worried I would take a few more with me. And then, I met my friends and things started to change. I started believing in dreams and became who I am today. I guess I was destined to become John, Divya and Viveks DADA. Maybe, relationships do transform lives. In my case, they did. Ive had my share of ups and downs in life. I have experienced the joy of gaining new friends and the loss of people who held me close. Ive seen concrete foundations reduced to ruins and the joy in making dreams out of rubble. But through everything, Ive loved my life. I am DADA and this is my story… About the Author: Vibhor Tikiya An IIM Ahmedabad and IISc Bangalore alumnus, the crazy author has been around in many conventional fields before he took to writing DADA. For him, the book signifies dreams that never die, friendships that go the distance and unwavering passion and belief.

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  • Vibhor Tikiya Aug 20, 2013, 4:41 am

    Hi Mr Bisht

    Thank you so much for covering our launch. Waiting eagerly for your review of the book.

    Just one correction, DADA is not my story and has nothing to do with IITs or IIMs. It is a rebel’s journey through a good college. The said college is kept general so that everyone finds himself in the main character. In fact, I am quite anti-DADA in nature.

    Again thank you for your coverage and waiting to hear your comments. I follow your articles and find them very interesting.


    • A Bisht Aug 20, 2013, 6:33 am

      Hi Mr. Tikiya,

      Great to hear from you. Made the edits. See if it is alright now.

      Thanks and will look forward to your Book.