Light weight Ultra-thin Dual USB Power Bank — Targus APB031AP

Targus Power bank APB031AP : Light weight Ultra-thin Dual USB Power Bank with fast charging, handy Travel Accessory to charge Smartphones, Tablets, mobile devices.

A decade ago, I used a Targus mini MP3 player, although it could hold not more than 25-27 MP3 songs; but it was great. As far as storage was concerned, those were different times, technology-wise. Targus, now into laptop cases and accessories business has recently launched the Dual USB Power Bank – Targus APB031AP. The light weight ultra-thin dual USB power bank is portable and is claimed to have fast charging capabilities.

Light weight Ultra-thin Dual USB Power BankUltra-thin Power Bank with decent Battery

Targus Dual USB Power Bank comes with 8400mAh power and dual 2.1A output USB ports. Samsung cells in the power bank offer reliable battery performance, with an ability to charge a Smartphone for more than three times and an iPad with additional 10 hours on a single charge.
The three level LED battery indicator to help users charge the power bank in time for their next use.
NOTE: Targus Power Bank continues to charge the backup battery of an iPad/tablet or a smartphone while the device is in use, which means users, can be on call, play games, surf web or watch movies while their devices charge.
This is what Mr Manish Aher, Director of Product Marketing and Country Manager, India at Targus Asia-Pacific, said on the launch event,
Today everybody is constantly on the grid, particularly the Millennials. There is no way they can deal with a dead cell phone battery without a mild panic attack. Targus  ultra-thin Dual USB Power Bank eases any worries of losing the power of Smartphone, iPad/Tablet or iPod.”
We, at Targus, focus on addressing everyday needs of our customers. The Targus power bank is really an essential travel accessory, an incredibly convenient way for users to power their devices anywhere, anytime,”
The Targus Ultra-thin Dual USB Power Bank enables users charge their devices for long periods of time without worrying about a plugin outlet nearby. Users can plug the phones and tablets and stow them in their backpacks or handbags while it charges.

Price and Availability: The Price of Targus APB031AP is Rs. 2,699/- MRP, with a warranty of 1 year and Targus APB031AP Power bank is exclusively available at Amazon India.

DISCLOSURE: The Article is simply a new product Press Release. It’s not a review endorsing the Claims made by the Company.