Link your Weight loss to a Good Cause, and shedding pounds becomes easy

When you link your Weight loss to a Good Cause, shedding pounds becomes easy. And satisfying as well.

This is once again proved by Cameron Caruthers from California, USA. When Caruthers embarked on the path to lose weight in October last year; he made a promise to himself and to the world (started a page on Facebook as well) – To Donate Food Equal to His Weight Loss.

The kick he received from the promise — that he’s losing weight and helping the needy at the same time – made him lose 61 pounds till now (from 371 pounds in October 2011, i.e. from 62-inch waist to about a 48-to 50-inch waist, now).

Keeping his promise, much lighter and satisfied Caruthers recently donated 61 pounds of food to the Sacramento Food Bank. Delighted at his success, the man hopes that he will be dropping off another 120 pounds at the food bank, and from his waistline.

Using Social Media to spread his cause:As said above, the effort is part of a Facebook campaign Caruthers started called Lose a Pound, Feed the Needy, encouraging people to donate a pound of food for every pound they lose.

How linking his Weight loss to a Good Cause helped Caruthers:

Linking his weight loss effort to a Good or Noble Cause helped Caruthers in two ways, 1) The belief that his weight loss will not only benefit him but also others, enabled him to continue with his weight loss effort diligently; and 2) The fact that every pound he lost, meant a pound of food added for those who don’t have enough to eat; encouraged Caruthers to eat only that much what is required and thus save the excess for others.

How Caruthers managed to lose 61 pounds:

Cauthers, who feels much fitter than what he felt before October 2012; says that he lost weight the old fashioned way; small portions and good nutrition combined with daily exercise.

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