Don’t you think Literary, State Awards are political? | Intolerant India

A loyal reader put this Question to us:

Don’t you think Literary and State Awards are political?

Surely they are. And when the new Chief Justice says that the protest against intolerance may be political. He means what he says. Those people who returned their awards in recent times, in protest of rising intolerance in India, do have certain ideologies (way of thinking and living life) which makes them close to a Centrist party (Congress) or Communists.  Or if said in other words — Anti-BJP. And it’s an acceptable assertion that these people are pro Congress or Pro-Left.

But what is unacceptable is: You can’t call them Anti-BJP and Sycophants at the same time.

The sycophants who praised Congress or Left Governments or wrote panegyrics (‘Stuti Lekhs’ in Hindi) in the past, simply because they wanted an award from these Governments. Why? As if both the conditions are assumed to be true; then why will a sycophant return the Award and the recognition, which he/she desperately lobbied for or worked for. The question of Money must not be brought into picture, as such State honors practically don’t bring much money to the recipient. What is more attractive is the Award and the recognition it brings amidst the peers.

The Death of Brahmdev Sharma

This morning, I read about the death of Brahmdev Sharma. The literary World and academics are much aggrieved at the loss.

Frankly speaking I don’t know much about him. According to Wikipedia, Mr. Sharma worked extensively in the field of Education in India. He was an economist as well.

In January this year (2015), Brahmdev Sharma (Bhaiji) had been conferred the Padma Shri for “literature and education.”.

Will it be correct to assume that all those people who received Padma Vibhushan, Padma Bhushan and Padma Shri in 2015, managed to get it simply because they towed the BJP ideology?

We know that, a person can have a distinct political ideology; but you will not find a single person, who received an award for doing nothing.

I may agree or disagree with X person’s ideology; but if the State (country) chooses to honour him/her; that doesn’t make that person sycophant.

People have ideologies and hence the moment an Award recipient returns his/her award; we can’t call him/her a sycophant. We can only say that his literary works or way of thinking is pro ‘Y’ Party.