Lok Sabha MP in Domino’s Pizza TV Advertisement

Bollywoord Actor Paresh Rawal is a Lok Sabha MP from Ahmedabad East Constituency in Gujarat. He is a member of the Indian Parliament belonging to the Bharatiya Janata Party. These days he’s eagerly waiting for a free Domino’s Pizza.

In an interesting Domino’s Pizza TV Advertisement, currently on air on Indian televisions, Mr. Rawal is shown as one who’s eagerly waiting for a free Domino’s Pizza from the past three years. In the end (in the TV advertisement), he finally manages to get a complimentary free Pizza.

As a viewer, Seeing a member of Indian Parliament Endorse, sell (whatever the correct term) a commercial product, must make any citizen uncomfortable.

The question every citizen must ask: Does such a conduct appropriate or dignified or legal for an MP?

Does it demean the dignity and respect of the Parliament?

Another BJP Lok Sabha MP from Mathura, Ms. Hema Malini keeps endorsing water purifiers, air purifiers and many more.

Do you see any bad in MPs endorsing commercial products or products from non-Government entities?