Looking like Bollywood Stars and the Glorious Version of YOU!

Just like our homes and businesses. websites need some cleaning as well.

For some days, I’m one such exercise. This also tells me, what our team members posted in the past.

In the process, I stumbled upon an article which shares the fitness regime of Alia Bhatt.

Another article, which was shared by me, had a mention of Dr. Jaishree. She is one of the premier skin care expert for the stars of Bollywood and Indian soaps. There will always be a debate as to who is THE skin care expert of rich and famous in India; but we can agree that, there are a couple of them out there.

Coming back to Alia Bhatt. She accepts that looking good doesn’t mean simply caring about one’s skin and body. Alia Bhatt’s fitness regimen includes exercise and living happy as well. In an interview Alia Bhatt confesses that she sees herself as special. She loves attention and limelight. And this is what makes her happy. In short, what she’s doing right now; fits her wish. And that’s the source of happiness. You can’t go to a job you hate; and then wonder why your skin looks so dull.

Sadly, we missed to cover this book Anti-ageing for the Indian Skin by Jamuna Pai.

We have not read the book, but the very introduction has an appeal. I’m not referring to the celebrities such as John Abraham, Arjun Kapoor, Juhi Chawla, Malaika Arora Khan etc. who heartedly endorsed Pai. As celebrities endorsing something can be simply a marketing ploy.

I’m referring to a certain points made in the introduction to the book.

The author says, Anti aging means “look like the most glorious version of you. Because the best form of anti-ageing is the kind that keeps everyone guessing”. I think, she means, you not looking 16, but an attractive person of your age or slightly younger.

Good point made.