Lorcaserin found to Help Diabetics Lose Weight

A drug, called lorcaserin, by Arena Pharmaceuticals has been shown to help diabetes patients lose weight.

In the latest study, featuring 604 obese diabetics, some of whom were given 10 mg dose of lorcaserin twice a day and others a placebo pill. After 12 months, 37.5% of diabetics on the drug lost an average of 5% of their bodyweight, compared to only 16.1% of the placebo group.

According to Arena pharmaceuticals, the drug was also shown to improve overall glucose levels, cholesterol and triglycerides.

In October, the FDA declined to approve the drug called lorcaserin, by Arena Pharmaceuticals, on safety concerns relating to cancer risk and overall effectiveness.

A positive and healthy lifestyle is what every person should adopt; diabetics are no exception; and that is the way to lose weight and remain healthy. Kindly don’t take any pill or drug unless your doctor prescribes. The post is meant to share ‘what is new in the weight loss world’ only.