Losing weight through mental imagery is Possible

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, say that it may be possible to lose weight though mental imagery.

The researchers showed that “when one imagines oneself eating a certain food, one would tend to eat less of it later“.

In simple this is like an economics principle which says “Rich people consume things without actually buying them”. The premise behind this principle is, since a rich person thinks he/she affords anything in this world; he doesn’t feel the necessity to buy it to enjoy the goods the commodity can provide.

I think mental imagery, can work in weight loss; just like it works for people who have fear of public speaking or interviews. So visually imagining eating mouth fulls of burger; can make a person eat less during the next meal; as subconsciuosly he/she will feel that he/she has already consumed burger some time ago.

With practice, sub-consciuos brain will believe this mental imagery more concretely; resulting in making the person eat less.

How to practice mental imagery to have weight loss: At home, Sit at the place, where you normally have food; in case you are fed up with your munching during office breaks, then sit or stand at that location where you munch your favorite snacks. Close your eyes. Now make a mental picture of yourself eating that food standing on the same location.

With practice, You’ll not only make a perfect mental image of yours with tiny details; but you will also start experiencing the taste of the food imagined. Your subconscious will start taking the mental image as real; and tell you either strongly or subtly (without you knowing it) that you have just taken food.

Level of Difficulty: Depends on the individual.

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