Love Jihad and Siya Ke Ram!… and Emotion!

In a temple nearby my place of residence, there are idols of various Hindu Gods and Goddesses. The idols date back to almost five decades or more. Every time I have the opportunity to look at them, I find them very spiritual. In a sense that the only emotions which come to my mind, while looking at them, is peace and reverence. I think, the emotions of those who created them, show in them. The emotions of peace and reverence (respect).

The above thought comes to my mind, every time I see the teaser promotion of the Star Plus Channel’s new serial “Siya Ke Ram”.  Only the Thought. The emotions are very different.

siya ke ram on star plusThe Star Plus’s serial is being promoted as a story told from Sita’s perspective. That’s how she got infatuated to Ram (the promo says so).

By looking at the promo themselves, it’s difficult to feel the spirituality.

Let I come to the point now.

Are Hindus sure what is reverential and what is plain mythology in Hindu religion. Or are we continually testing waters and portraying our reverential Gods and Goddesses, based on our collective convenience. For instance, when was the last time we agreed on the rule that our Goddesses are Mothers.

When we portray Mythological figures as love-birds; we expand the horizons of Religion and cross over to plain mythology (a collection of myths, especially one belonging to a particular religious or cultural tradition). And when we cross over to mythology, then we start portraying them as tales. And tales can have many narratives, based on perspective.

Now, I’m not saying this creative freedom is bad. I’m not saying, it’s good. What I’m saying is — we ourselves see our mythological figures, capable of having many emotions, including love.

But let’s come to the next point of the write-up. When we accept the existence of love and the right of choice of the genders in our mythology; then how can we assume the non-existence of the same feelings now.