Ludhiana Senior Citizens Get New Website

Ludhiana Senior Citizens Get New Website — To communicate their problems to the SCWAL. And get Police Help if needed

Old age can be restrict one’s socializing abilities to varied degrees. Since many senior citizens become home bound for physical, emotional and other reasons; hence a website exclusively made for elders to connect, is always praiseworthy. The lucky ones this time are the elders at Ludhiana. Ludhiana Senior Citizens yesterday got a New Website to connect.

The official website of the Senior Citizens’ Welfare Association, Ludhiana (SCWAL) was launched at a meeting involving the Federation of Senior Citizen Associations of Punjab and SCWAL. The website is a Punjab Government aided initiative. The new website is a collaborative effort of senior citizen’s welfare, Governing Body of Federation of Senior Citizen’s Associations of Punjab (FEDSEN-PUNJAB) and Welfare Association Ludhiana (SCWAL).

Discussing problems of senior citizens, A S Khehra, president of FEDSEN, observed that more than 10% of the population in Punjab comprises senior citizens, which is bound to increase in the coming years. He also said the elderly are facing additional problems due to changing social and family equations. This changing family structure, along with other problems related to health faced by the elderly, necessitates the need for them to come forward and help each other. An exclusive website for Ludhiana Senior citizens helps do that . The new website helps the elderly connect, communicate and inform the association about their problem, said Satya Pal Karkara, president of the Senior Citizens’ Welfare Association, Ludhiana. In cases where the issue required police action, then the SCWAL newly set up committee to address grievances of senior citizens, will take the matter to the police.

Talking about the website, he said it is aimed at educating the masses about the needs of senior citizens and making the elderly aware of their rights. “This website is intended to assist people abroad know what we do here. It is a means to create awareness”, said Sarbjit Singh Gill, general secretary of the association.