Major cause of Ganga Pollution… Spitting

The Narendra Modi led new Government at Centre plans to propose strict laws to tackle river Ganga Pollution. What these strict laws are? upto Rs 10,000 fine and imprisonment of upto 3 days for spitting, littering waste and plastic in River Ganges.

Yes, one can land in jail for spitting in river Ganga.

Ask yourself who will spit in Ganga, or for that matter any water body? Someone mentally deranged. That apart, how many people will spit in a water body, to make it polluted. In contrast, defecation near any Water body is a much bigger cause of pollution than spitting. It’s sad that even after getting a majority Government, BJP is not shying away from giving religious colours to a resource as vital as water. But the party must understand that no responsible person irrespective of his religion will spit on a water body.

It would have been better, if the first step the new Union Government had taken towards a cleaner Ganga , are setting up of Biological Treatment Plants (BTPs) for every big or small city or locality alongside river Ganga; so that water laced with human sewage, other waste and industrial waste is not released in river Ganga untreated. This is the only way to clean Ganga, as these are the pollutants. Not human spitting!