Make Your UnderWear Last Longer | 3 Tips

With the prices of everything skyrocketing, buying undergarments every 3 months may hurt. That’s why it’s good to practice some simple tips to prolong the age of one’s under wear.

How To Make Your UnderWear Last Longer (Undergarments) | 3 Tips :

Tip 1: Wash the underwear Inside Out (in Hindi Ulta Kar ke) . This tip is mentioned on the underwear itself.

Tip 2: Wash the undergarments softly.

Tip 3: While on Potty seat (Latrine seat) remove the underwear and hang it on the wall. The underwear is not made to survive the stretch of conventional or Indian toilets.

Use mild detergents for washing the under garments.

If these tips are acted upon, the life of the humble underwear doubles.