Man loses weight to save sister’s Life

53 year old Michael Torres never cared about his weight all his life; but finally he got a strong reason to lose many of those excess pounds. The reason — to save the life of his sister. Last year, Michael’s sister was diagnosed with a rare form of T-cell Lymphoma. At first the woman used her own stem cells for treatment; but later doctors told her to get a donor. No one in her family except her brother got the match. But Torres close to 500 pounds at that time; was considered too obese to go for the donation. To save his sister’s life, Torres decides to lose weight, and go for a standard gastric bypass surgery that will help him lose about 100 pounds in just three months.

Although the surgery was itself quite risky for Torres that over weight; the love for her twin sister made him take that risk. Thankfully the surgery got over smoothly; leaving a happy Torres, spend the next three months to get back to shape for the life saving T-cell donation.