Man with Wegener's Granulomatosis, pens a JK Rowling Like Book

Phil started writing his book, when he lay seriously ill in hospital.

Now when the book is finally published (10 years later), he is delighted.

Phil Taylor penned a book filled with mystery, magic and monsters, titled Brian, His Granddad And The Cup Of Ages, the book came on 15th last month.

Phil, a 41-year-old, of Lacey Drive in Old Coulsdon, started writing the novel, at the age of 32, after his rediagnosis of rare condition Wegener’s Granulomatosis, an auto-immune disease where the blood becomes poisoned and infects organs. He first had the illness diagnosed at the age of 22.

Amidst much gloom, Phil decided to pick up a pen as a distraction. Although he has been writing since about 11 years old, but it was on his hospital bed, he decided to try to write something that could possibly be published.

And writing helped. It saved Phil from further gloom; and he started limning monsters, demons, spells and other super natural things in his writing.

Brian, His Granddad And The Cup Of Ages follows the story of 11-year-old Brian Pankhurst, who is forced to stay with his grandparents when he believes his parents have split up. It soon transpires there is more to the story when his family goes missing. With monsters, wizards and demon portholes along the way, the youngster has to work out a way of making things right.

The Book has 28 chapters.

Brian, His Granddad and the Cup of Ages