Dr. Manmohan Singh assesses Modi Government’s Demonitization Action

Yesterday, the former Primer Minister of India spoke in Rajya Sabha on the demonetisation of notes of higher denomination. The man who listened more and talked less (to people outside his own party as well) all through his 10 years of Prime Ministerial tenure spoke at lengths about the quality of the action and the impact the action is going to have on the country both in long and short term.

People can have different opinions about his assessment of the demonitisation action, but one thing can be said for sure — when the Learned Professor spoke, the entire house simply listened. Pin-drop silence.

What is his assessment of the action? … According to reports, he used the words such as “monumental mismanagement”, “organised loot”, “legalized plunder” of the common man in India (not necessarily rich,  but one who fits in this definition of common man).

He summed up the action and the resulting consequences arising out of it as : … a drop in National income by “2 percentage points”… which is an underestimate (it can be more than that).

While PM Narendra Modi didn’t defend his Government’s decision himself, it was Arun Jaitley who tried to snub off the former PM telling him to recall the monumental scandals that took place during Mr. Singh’s 2004-2014 tenure.

Frankly speaking, the Modi Government’s looking back at the so called corruption scandals during the Manmohan Singh’s tenure is not a surprise any more. This has become a habit with the present Government that every time it’s questioned on some policy, it starts using words such as “2G scam”, “Coal scam” and ‘CWG scam’. Honestly speaking, it’s not helping those Indians who want to hear logical explanations from the Government (not emotional rhetoric every time).What will the Nation gain if at the end of each debate we hear emotional rhetoric from the Prime Minister?

It’s worth while to understand one thing here. The parliamentarians, those in the Government and in opposition, do have firm faith in less speaking strong willed learned Sardar Manmohan Singh. I’m saying this because the Parliament don’t listen to him out of sheer respect for his age. I’m saying this as the Parliamentarians have strong faith in Dr.’s Professorship. They know that unless he has conviction for something, he will not speak about it. Call it a coincidence, but just a day before yesterday, a Parliamentary Committee has given a decision in Dr. Manmohan Singh’s favor that if the former Prime Minister takes a teaching job at Punjab University, he will not be disqualified from Rajya Sabha because of taking an Office of Profit.

Mr. Manmohan Singh may be a man of few words, but his words must be paid heed to. If a small section of Indians today are not willing to accept the NPA logic for demonitisation action, then they must pay attention to one particular question the Hon’ble Supreme Court asked the Modi Government while hearing a demonitisation related petition. Supreme Court asked : “Would the government be happy if it manages to collect 10 lakh crores?”

Today some hashtags are rallying on Twitter similar to #50daysHappiness etc. Although there’s no bar on anyone to rally for what they fancy, but the cash disruption in the entire economy due to this demonetization action is not a Happy event for a common man. The farmers, daily wage works, transporters, Traders, Students, Housewives everyone is standing in bank queues. If the queues are some indication, then the standstill in economy is already evident. If more proof is required, then one must consider the loss the domestic economy is facing every day due to demonetisation. This loss may itself be in a Lakh of crores by the 17th day of demonitisation. There’s major disruption in trade and any productive activity right now. The Government is not sharing information about this loss with the Nation.

All we know is that 90 percent of the 5 Lakh people voted in favor of demonitisation. Where? On Narendra Modi App.