Marseille striker Andre-Pierre Gignac sent to lose a couple of kilograms

The consequences of Weight gain cannot be seen more clearly than in professional team sports. And this is for one simple reason – the moment the weight gain starts negatively affecting the performance of a player, he/she is sent out to lose those excess pounds.

This happened to Marseille striker Andre-Pierre Gignac. The striker, who has visibly gained weight, during his recovery from groin surgery, has been sent to an Italian health centre to lose weight.

Gignac, 25, who underwent a groin surgery in May, is to spend a week in the spa town of Merano, where he will undergo an individually tailored programme in order to regain peak physical fitness. According to the health club website, though the striker didn’t put on much weight after the surgery but still he requires to lose weight. The health club underlines that a couple of kilos more than the weight normal is too much for a top-level athlete; and negatively affects the athlete’s performance.

The player is expected to reurn to France on Monday next week and is expected to resume squad training before the end of the month; so that he is back in contention to play by September.

Gignac scored eight League 1 goals in 30 appearances for Marseille last term after joining Didier Deschamps’ side from Toulouse a year ago.


The write-up doesn’t encourage people to start playing sports with the zeal of a pro or as a pro; as playing any sports professionally means grave injuries as well. The write-up makes an assertion, which says, it’s good to look at pros playing team sports and see how they regulate their body shapes to remain competitive.

A person may not be playing a sports professionally; but still his/her daily competitiveness decreases if he/she gains weight or becomes underweight. Daily competitiveness means, playing the role of student, parent, employee, employer and so on. So it’s good for any person, to regulate their weight like pro sports persons.