Martyr’s House must NOT have featured among encroachers | Bengaluru Floods

With 15 August just two days ahead of us, it’s normal to feel patriotism in our blood. The country has given much to all of us, in different ways, hence it’s normal to feel that way.

But any surge of patriotism in our veins doesn’t mean we start seeing certain people above Law.

As we Live in country which is run by Rule of Law.

Hence unless it’s utmost necessary in public interest, it’s not advisable to look for exceptions or exceptional treatment.

The above thought came to my mind, when I saw some reports on TV News Channel about the encroachment demolition drive taking place at Doddabommassandra near Vidyaranyapura, in Bangalore (Bengaluru), Karnataka. The place is one in the list of several places in the city, which are being enlisted by Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagar Palike (BBMP) for the demolition drive. The idea is to free up the flood drains from encroachment. Among the encroaching houses in Doddabommassandra, found guilty of encroachment belongs to the Pathankot martyr Lieutenant Colonel Niranjan Kumar’s family.

The demolition drive was going on smoothly, till it reached the residence of Martyr. Smooth in a sense that irrespective of the public opposition, the drive was being seen as a correct move by the authorities to free the storm drains from encroachment.

But the moment it was time to demolish the encroaching part of the martyr’s house, the reporters started to rattle. I assume so, as they started showing reports as to how the move to remove the part of Martyr’s house on encroached land, is nothing but callousness on the part of the demolishing team. In simple words, the TV reports started presenting the move as an attempt of official high-handedness and callousness. Why? As the encroaching house belonged to that of a Martyr.

In no time, TV News channels started beaming in the sound bites of Niranjan’s brother Shashank, who had earlier expressed his displeasure over the corporation’s decision, but later when was able to buy some time, thanked BBMP for giving the family time to start the demolition of the encroached portion of the house by themselves.

Now the point of the article is not that the family of Lieutenant Colonel Niranjan Kumar, who was martyred in the Pathankot attack last year, shouldn’t be given time on TV to preset their case. In fact they can. Not only that to pressurize the Government, the reports tried to play on the martyrdom of the Soldier.

The point is: If the demolition drive was uniformly demolishing the encroachment then why this special treatment?

Encroachment is encroachment. Encroachment by a martyr’s family makes it no different from the one made by a non-marry or civilian.

I know many of you may not like this view, but you understand it this way. If martyrdom is a privilege and an honor, then instead of using the privilege to buy some time for them; it would have been better if the martyr’s family had accepted the mistake and allowed the demolition team to work.

It would have been much better if the family had taken corrective measures by self, the moment it received the letter of encroachment.

The best thing would have been : The martyr’s house mustn’t have featured in the list of encroachers.

This is the meaning of Honor and privilege.

The Honor and privilege means conducting oneself in such a way that one tries his/her best not to commit the mistake. Else, what is the difference between countless others and the family of a martyr.

And when knowingly or unknowingly one is at fault, one must not use the privilege to take special treatment for self. Instead, the privilege and honor must make the person double cautious about not to be found on the wrong side of the Law. Tell you, there would be many other houses in the said list, where the JCB (earth movers) might have pulled down those structures, which later on might have resulted in the damage to the entire house. If one can give time to a privileged house, then why leave those?