Martyr Saurabh Kalia’s parents need to understand a Thing

With due respect, Martyr Saurabh Kalia’s parents need to understand a Thing. And Martyr Saurabh Kalia’s parents are putting unjustified pressure on the Nation.

Captain Saurabh Singh Kalia (1976 – 1999) an officer of the Indian Army, died during the Kargil War while being held as a prisoner of war by the Pakistani security forces. He along with five other soldiers of his patrolling team was captured alive and kept in captivity where they were brutally tortured and their bodies mutilated.

Now 13 years after the martyrdom, the father of Kargil war hero moved to the Supreme Court seeking its direction to the government to raise his son’s case at the International Court of Justice at The Hague and pressurize Pakistan to apologize for the incident that went against all norms of the Geneva Convention.

NK Kalia has alleged that his son Captain Saurabh Kalia was captured as a prisoner of war but was killed in a gruesome manner in violation of the Geneva Convention. The petition filed through advocate Arvind Sharma has alleged that despite making several representations to the government no steps have been taken to raise the brutal killing of Kalia, who was with the 4 Jat Regiment (Infantry), at the ICJ.

With due respect,  Martyr Saurabh Kalia’s parents need to understand a Thing:

NK Kalia has alleged that his son Captain Saurabh Kalia was captured as a prisoner of war but was killed in a gruesome manner in violation of the Geneva Convention. All the talk of the extent of Saurabh Kalia's mutilated body is unnecessary. This is making the the artyr's sacrifice unnecessarily laced with Victimhood.Sir and Madam, your sorrow is unmatched. No parents can bear the pain of the demise of their child. And your agony and anguish, becomes even more, when your son was killed in such a gruesome manner. Although words can never sooth your sorrow; there are a certain things which needed to be understood here.

The Central Government, irrespective of which political party it belongs to, can only express its sorrow, distress and inability to perform anything. And the electronic media may say, the Government is Apathetic, but one can expect the same response, what Union External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid expressed. He expressed his distress.

There are certain things, which stop India from acting any further.

First factor is, India can’t get adequate response from Pakistan, on this matter. if it does so, then all the human rights violations taking place in Kashmir, will be exposed. It’s important to understand here that, India is holding on to Kashmir, as its integral part, under certain conditions. As per a resolution signed by India at UN in 1948, India has promised to have a plebiscite in Kashmir (to know Kashmir people’s opinion on which country to cede to), once there is peace in the valley. And for the reason, it may or may not be in India’s interest to have peace in Kashmir.

For the same reason, India doesn’t recognize  Geneva Convention on War Crimes. If it recognizes it, then Pakistan, which treats, Kashmir as a disputed territory, will take human rights violations in Kashmir to Geneva Convention. India will not want that.

Electronic Media, may vouch for Martyr Saurabh Kalia’s parents, and blame the Government for getting a deaf ear; but practically speaking (if sentiments like Patriotism are set aside), Union External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid’s statement to the development, calling its a “sad development” and saying,

“Whatever is possible will be done frankly, but I don’t want to give you a commitment now of any nature… The matter is before the Supreme Court and if the court requires, an adequate answer will be given,”

realistically puts the situation the Government is in. And mind you, it’s not about Congress OR India afraid of Pakistan. Even BJP Government at Centre didn’t do any thing in this regard, during its stint upto 2004. It’s totally immaterial what BJP is saying now. If the party comes to power in 2014, and if the issue is still relevant then, take my word, there will be similar apathy.

What’s the Price of Martyrdom?

Actually, it’s priceless. That’s why countries have only Medals to honours martyrs. We too in India had the provision of only medals like Param Veer Chakra, Ashok Chakra etc for many years. The reason is simple: You can’t put a tag to martyrdom.

But, call it a sad development; but of late even our Army men are trying to put a tag to their sacrifice. And putting Governments on questions like compensation, allotments and punishments.

Any Government, tries to do its ultimate bit, to put the family of the martyr. Hence its respectfully provides — One time compensation, key allotments like petrol pumps, reservation in the jobs to the kin of the deceased, medical facilities, pensions with special allowances etc.

And mind you, the Government attempts everything to make the family comfortable, as per the designation of the martyr. It can do only that much. As martyrdom is priceless.

And this is evident, when one sees that the families of martyrs are able to maintain their lifestyle even after the money earner has gone.

But of late, kith and kin of the martyrs are putting the Governments ( in a way a soveriegn country) in dock. Late major Unnikrishnan’s parents, kept pressing the Government to execute Kasab (when rule of law was taking its time).  Today, Saurabh Kalia’s father is pressing Government to recognize Geneva Convention.

This country has great respect for its army. But, like everything else, this respect should come naturally. That’s if martyrs (defense) keep reminding the people of how big their sacrifice is; then one is bound to say: Defense like any other profession, is primarily a career choice. And if country gives a Gun to a person to kill the enemy; there’s always a chance of one taking the bullet as well.

Ideally, in issues of martyrdom and wars; understanding your country’s government’s stand  is also patriotism.

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  • Gupta SS Jul 11, 2013, 5:13 am

    Mr. Bisht,

    what R u talking about? i think peoplw like u demoralise our armed forces. U R talking like a true congress politician. Can U imagine the torture of Capt kalia ?? Mr. bisht u better read the post-martem report of his body. u like politicians are choosing to ignore this serious issue?

    i suggest we all indians must send personal emails, letters to NATO & UNHRC on this matter. bloody these islamic pakis need good bashing. these terror pigs are burden on earth. they dont have place even in hell. These cruel islamic pakis understand only one thing ………bombardment by drones. they are getting fruits of their own terror policies.

    • A Bisht Jul 11, 2013, 5:31 am

      @SS Gupta ____ If everyone thinks the same, they don’t think differently.

      I may sound like a Congress politician or a Politician. And I respect your views regarding that opinion.

      But still let I clarify a few things here:

      2) I may not be a soldier, but if I do my job honestly and diligently, I’m doing as much nation service as a soldier. Same applies to every other Indian. I may die tomorrow in my job; but that doesn’t make my parents blame the nation for my death. It must be my responsibility to make them aware of the Service Book Rules, I work under.

      3) No one is demeaning Martyrdom. It’s a big thing. But it must always be praised by the nation, not the otherway round. All those who see Soldiers the ultimate heros of a country; must inspect their own role as a citizen. As JFK once said, if a person sweeps the streets honestly; his service is not less than a soldiers. We all have our contribution to nation Building.

      5) India has 12 Lakh Army. We are ok with the nearly 1 crore compensation to each martyr; as India doesn’t fight wars very often. Imagine the compensation amount, if more soldiers are killed doing their duty. this has nothing to with the compensation amount; but compare this with the Non-existent compensation policy at unorganised sector in India, where 90 percent of people work.

      6) Praise must always be in Balance: When you praise a profession, over the board; you help those 10 percent people on that profession, who are lazy. And lazy and selfish people are everywhere.

      Same applies for Criticism, if criticism is too general or is not pointed; you demoralise the best 10 percent in any profession.

      Thanks & have a great day.

      A Bisht