With Due Respects to Martyr : You need Job, to worry about Quilt

On February 21, 2016, Captain Pawan Kumar of 10 Para (Indian Army) sacrificed his life for the country.

The country salutes its Hero.

A day before the martyrdom, the 23-year-old captain of the Special Forces, made the following post on his Facebook profile,

“Kisiko reservation chahiye to kisiko azadi bhai. Humein kuchh nahin chahiye bhai. Bas apni razai.

English Equivalent : Some want reservation and some independence, I don’t want anything, brother, I want only my quilt.

I register my disappointment for the section of media who tried to present the post as the meaning of patriotism.

For these reasons.

Although the Nation is thankful to its soldiers, the above Facebook post said something which made unnecessary comparisons. It also puts others at dock, that too for no reason.

First of all those demanding reservation may have real reasons for the demand. May be they see it as one helping them to get a good job, improve their lives and serve the Nation.

Some people may be asking for liberty, but they may be asking freedom from poverty, caste discrimination or System’s High handedness.

Lastly, a person with a well-paying job with future security will NOT demand a job, reservation or freedom from discrimination. Hence ‘wishing for a quilt (‘razai’) only’ is like making the real demands of others as trivial (small).

Whatever the martyr Captain had said would have been true, if all Young people in India had a well-paying job with future security. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Hence it’s wrong to trivialize the demands of reservation, equality, freedom from wrongs as non-patriotism.

In recent times, a similar comparison was made by Indian Cricket Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni. He said — “As v have this debate on freedom of speech our forces r making sure v stay in position to keep debating.”.

Again the comparison was unnecessary; as even if the country STOPS debating Freedom of speech, the soldiers will continue guarding the borders. It’s their duty, which has nothing to do with what debates are going on in the Nation.