Conversation Starters, Ice Breakers for the Tongue tied| Book Review

Just finished reading What Do You Think? Conversation Starters and Icebreakers Volume 1. What kind of book is this? It is a small, quick read book, posing you with around 100 questions. These questions can help you initiate conversations in a party or some socializing event, without worrying about offending them.

That’s it?

Conversation and Ic-breaking Tips to make you a great networker. How to initiate conversations with important people in a Conference, official event or some social gathering.

No. The book also takes you more into a journey of more than just conversation starters or ice breakers. The questions such as : If you have to buy a present on Christmas, then with what purpose in mind, you will buy the present? The Christmas present or the Birthday present for Baby Jesus?

Most of the questions which the book enlists (90 percent of the questions) are those which test your judgement on some very real and tricky situations the Life poses. For instance, What will you do… if a very strong guy, who you managed to defeat in the war for a vacant parking space, yells profanities at you?

Over all, the book is interesting for those who want to marvel at the situations the Life throws at them, and think about their Answers.

Although to most people the book will appear a little expensive.

My Rating : 4 out 5 stars