Masked Person, dead dog and severely injured Buffalo | Fake Clip

Clip(s) shows an intruder in a ghostly mask, a farmer with machete, highly graphic (blood, mortal injuries) to a dead pet dog and a live buffalo.

A gruesome video clipping, claimed to be that from Meerut is trending on Facebook and other social networks.

But before starting the write-up. A humble suggestion: Please don’t start searching for the clip. The clip is a confusing mixture and makes no sense. In all probability it is fake in the sense that it doesn’t seem to be what it is being claimed.Fact

The clip shows an intruder in a ghostly mask being threatened with a machete (in Hindi, “Farsa”) by a farmer. The intruder is reluctant to come out and reveal his/her identity. The other clips show highly graphic (blood, mortal injuries) content involving a dead pet dog and live buffalo.

The clip doesn’t make any sense and seems fake.

The easiest explanation of the clips can be:

The domestic dog attacked the buffalo which compelled the owner to get it killed.

A remote reasoning can be:

Some wild animal attacked buffalo shed and in the fight between dog and attacker, the dog died and the buffalo got severely injured.

The clip with a masked person seems to be just added to other unrelated clips to give an impression that the masked person gave those mortal injuries to the buffalo and dog.

Don’t share such content. It will unnecessarily create fear among people.