Maternal Instincts at Peak: Dog Saves Abandoned Newborn

There’s one thing called the maternal instincts, which kick in a female when she is near the time of bearing her own baby. The instinct is at its peak, when a female has babies of her own. I’m using the word female, as the instinct is present in females of most species. The instinct is kicked by the wails of not only babies of one’s own species, but also belonging to other species. Humans adopting and taking care of animals is not new, but when a dog adopts a human infant, that surely makes for a news.

A baby was abandoned by her 14 year old mother in Brazil. When a dog, named Shina, a new mother of 6 puppies heard the abandoned infant’s cries, her maternal instincts already at their peak, prompted her to protect the human baby, just like her own. Instinctively knowing that she had to keep the baby warm, she curled up around the baby, until the human neighbors heard the infant’s cries. The little boy was saved and is doing well. Shina is back to looking after her own puppies.