Matthew Fox’s Shocking Weight Loss for Alex Cross EXPLAINED

Matthew Fox may be craving for junk food these days. As the former Lost star has lost a staggering 40 pounds (18 kilograms) for his upcoming thriller Alex Cross (Alex Cross is based on novelist James Matthew Fox lean bodyPatterson’s detective series. Tyler Perry takes on the starring role previously played by Morgan Freeman in Kiss the Girls and Along Came a Spider. Alex Cross will be in the theatres October 19).

The role wants Fox to have a frighteningly thin and ripped tattooed serial killer body.

How Fox lost all these pounds:

Simon Waterson (authored Commando Workout: 4 weeks to total fitnessand 30-Minute-a-Day Body Challenge), the same trainer responsible for Daniel Craig’s hot James Bond body, Jake Gyllenhaal’s unforgettable chest and abs in Prince of Persia and Chris Evans in Captain America; has helped Fox in getting to this body constitution.

Fox worked really hard on this for five months. The training sessions were mostly circuit training. In Circuit Training, the trainee goes non-stop from exercise to exercise, never taking any breaks for about an hour and a half. This results in the burning of a lot of calories.

That apart, the actor worked on certain muscle groups.

The Present status:

Fox has gained back about 15 pounds since finishing the flick.

The actor claims that he’s taking his time to put it back on but eating all the things I love to eat ( all those pies, ice cream and cookies).

This is complete Rubbish:

What actors do is desperate and sometimes competitive dieting to lose body weight. Their goal is to fit for an upcoming role. And to give an impression that such a weight loss is not actually bad for them; they keep claiming that they are eating everything now. When the reality is: Extreme Goals require Extreme methods. And such extreme measures include eating too less or all protein diet for months.

You as a normal Joe, doesn’t need to aspire for such a body. If God has made our bodies to have fat; then why decrease fat to abnormal levels.

That apart, every nutrient, carbohydrates & fats, are important for holistic health — Health of Body and Mind. So why go for an abnormal goal.