“Maximum Government, same Governance” — Modi Gives New Election Slogan!

After seeing today’s Modi Government expansion, one thing became clear — “Minimum Government, maximum Governance” — was yet another Election Slogan of 2014. As today, 80 persons, took oath in the cabinet reshuffle. Only 3 short of 83. The maximum number of ministers the Modi Government can make is 83.

This is nothing but donning favor on those whose inclusion can can benefit the BJP in the upcoming assembly elections in Punjab, Uttar Pradesh. It’s also to placate some influential persons within BJP, who were reported to be terse with the party for some time now.

If you look at today’s cabinet reshuffle; then you will find a kind of tide. A tide of favor, which is clearly seen leaving those states where elections already took place or where elections are nowhere in horizon; and reached the states where elections are near the corner. Since UP is the largest state in terms of population, having a distinct caste groupings; hence Modi Government also engineering the reshuffle based on this caste factor. Now BJP cannot say — Caste doesn’t exist in India.

To conclude, analyzing today’s cabinet expansion,  it will be just the opposite of what Mr. Narendra Modi kept saying all this while. It surely appears to be “Maximum Government, same Governance”. As the same couple of people will keep multiple portfolios. Maximum people who took oath toady, will either have no work or will be ministers with no portfolio. This is inevitable, as the new people who took oath today, will not be trusted to hold important responsibilities.