How media got such sensitive information about PM?

When your mind starts raising too many “Whys?” and “Hows”, it is an indicator that things are not going well.

pm modi life threat, moist threat to modiThe particular thought came to my mind when I was watching Television news reports about some life-threat to our Prime Minister. According to the reports, the threat is from the Maoists.

It is a serious matter.

But what is more serious, is how and why such sensitive information got into the hands of the media. Who leaked such sensitive information to the media? Who told the media about such intelligence input or some ongoing probe? ….

The Prime Minister of India is not any ordinary person. It is surprising that such insensitive information is being discussed that casually on TV news channels. Equally surprising is the fact that the news channels not only run hour long reports into the nature of threat, they also divulge details such as letter intercepted, contents of it etc.