Media should give more space to Working Class Rights

May Day or Labour Day is a day about Labour Class or Working Class rights. It’s better not to differentiate Labour class from Working Class!

Yesterday, the World symbolically celebrated Labour Day or May Day (these days also referred to as International Workers’ Day).

Because of its historic links with labour movement, socialists and communists, the day is casually linked with Trade unions, socialism, communism, anarchy and disruptive labour force working in various factories. This casual link explains why Labour Day has been reduced to a mere symbol.

If trade Unions, socialism, anarchy and disruptive labour force is portrayed as something least wanted in any developing or developed country, then who  cares about a Day dedicated to Labor Class or Working Class.

This trend has particularly paced up in the past few decades.

Majority of people don’t like to hear about this day, that’s why Labour Day passes off as inconsequentially as possible.


Although an important day for the rights of working class in any country, the day has been reduced to a symbol, very few want to relate to.

India is no different. And that is an irony.

It’s ironical because India is not only a Nation with a big work force, this workforce has hundreds if not thousand of labour issues as well. But still no one sees the importance of Labour Day in their lives.

There may be many reasons behind the Indian working class being oblivious to Labour Day. The primary reason may be lack of information. And when we talk about information then we’re NOT necessarily restricting ourselves to who’s responsible for voicing and informing the workers about their rights as a worker. If political ideologues which are traditionally seen as those representing the working class, are not given adequate space in today’s media, then the representatives cannot be solely blamed. Remember, if today, media is filling the non-work hours of a Labour, then it’s the responsibility of the media to inform him about his labour rights, if not for money sake, then surely in Good faith.

It’s sad that the working class in India and elsewhere, doesn’t want to know about their labour rights. May be, they are being made to believe that everything linked to Trade unions, socialism, communism is disruptive for Nation’s growth. May be they are made to see things from a binary thinking perspective. A perspective where — Employers are Good, Trade Unions are Bad; Capitalism is Good, Socialism is Bad; or Nation’s interest is Supreme, personal interest is subordinate etc. These are nothing but binary thinking traps. Something which reminds me of a Super power, which has made its people think that: Communism is bad.

To the extent that even country songs there can have such lyrics, and still become popular:

My friend the communist
Holds meetings in his RV
I can’t afford his gas
So I’m stuck here watching tv

To conclude, India’s working class needs to look into their rights. It’s not sufficient to think about labor rights on May 1 alone. Think about working class rights. Share them with those who’re not aware of them. I don’t think there’s any other way to better working class’ lot.