Medication under-use linked to Poor Diabetes control

The finding of a recent study conducted in USA, on Diabetes Control, is somewhat funny. The study conducted on 411 patients included data from June 2012 to October 2013 in Massachusetts, which appeared online in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine, says : People facing difficulty paying for food and medicines find it harder to manage their diabetes than those who are affluent. Poor diabetes control leads to higher blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure than normal.

The finding is funny as the diabetes is normally associated to affluence. Those who have difficulty in managing their basic material needs are less likely to have diabetes. But the findings can be understood, keeping in mind USA, where people have to depend on medical insurances for health care and State assistance for food.

The Study hardly applies to India, where material need insecurities can hardly result in diabetes. But one finding of the researchers can apply to India as well: that the medication under-use can be associated with greater odds of poor diabetes control. Here in India, people have a tendency to control their diabetes with lifestyle changes. Irrespective of whether they are able to do control their diabetes mellitus or not.

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