Mel B weight loss after childbirth had its own challenge

Melanie Janine Brown (a British pop singer-songwriter, actress, author and television presenter), better known as Melanie B, and best known as Scary Spice, one of the members of the girl group the Spice Girls; has revealed that it was not easy for her to lose weight after giving birth to a child.

Meb B, who is named the latest spokesperson for the Australia and New Zealand branch of weight loss program Jenny Craig end last year, has already reached her weight loss goal of 15 kg in just six months after giving birth to her daughter Madison.

Talking about her successful weight loss, 36 year old Mel B, underlined that losing excess body weight, while under constant public eye, is a journey full of struggle.

On the Kyle and Jackie O Radio show, she said,

“You know what, it’s not easy losing weight, and especially when you’re doing it in front of everyone. It’s a bit embarrassing, but I kind of had to do it. I was fat!”.

The fact that Brown was determined to shed excess pounds, made her tide over the obstacles. Mel has posed on the cover of Australian tabloid magazine Woman’s Day to show off the results of her exercise and diet regime and is thrilled with the results. Her delight is reflected when she said, “The six-pack is back! I’m the same girl from 15 years ago … losing weight has made me the best mum possible. My energy’s up!”.

Notably, Mel has a 13-year-old daughter Phoenix Chi’. And after the weight loss, the singer is feeling as young as her girl. A big loss for Phoenix, who stole her mother’s tight fit jeans, when the latter gained pounds during pregnancy. With mum back to a slimmer figure, the poor girl has to give the jeans back to her one by one.

A Lesson:

It’s very true that celebrities, while losing extra pounds, have to face additional struggles. An ordinary man/woman can’t even imagine, the serious problems, popularity brings to celebrities. Hence for a celebrity, losing weight has its own unique challenges.

This means an ordinary folk can easily lose weight. This is not true as well. First reason for it, is the lack of determination. Another reason is, mentally for some reasons they don’t want to lose extra weight. But an important reason, which echoes closely with the topic Mel B weight loss after childbirth, is: Most people fail in their weight loss, as they start behaving like celebrities, and unconsciously bring to themselves the glare or scrutiny of friends and family.

How do they do that? Simple, in the enthusiasm to emulate the weight loss story of their favourite celebrity, they tell everyone, even the lamp post of their street, that they are trying to lose weight. Some even make tall claims, as to how they will be slim like Angelina in just a month.

This makes them under pressure, even before they could try.

The Lesson is: Weight loss is a personal fight. No need to bring anyone (except for a professional expert, dietician and doctor) in your weight loss journey. No one means — Not even your family or friends or work colleagues. Be assured, if your well wishers among friends, family, notice you trying for something; they will encourage you in their own ways. And to get such a support, you don’t need words.

Just speak to yourself, no words outside.