Mercury 3G mobile router with built in rechargeable battery launched

Kobian, a computer peripherals and tablets maker, has launched a new 3G mobile router under its Mercury brand. The 3G mobile router, light and portable enough to be carried in a pocket, provides WiFi connectivity to as many as six devices simultaneously.

The router comes with its own rechargeable lithium – ion battery which lasts for five hours of usage. It comes with an additional Li-ion battery so that it can work even with devices that do not have a USB port.

The Li-ion battery helps it to be independent of the host, and provides power backup of up to five hours. The 3G mobile router provides broadband speed of up to 7.2 Mbps and supports all GSMproviders.

The router can easily switch between modem and router modes. In the modem mode, the 3G mobile router acts as a dongle and provides internet connectivity to the host through the USB. In the router mode, the dongle turns into a hot-spot and serves as a router providing internet access to six different devices.

The latest launch is the second router from Mercury. Price of Mercury Mobile 3G Router: The 3G router is available in the market for Rs 5,200 and comes with a one year warranty.