Mila Kunis does know the Secret to Weight Loss

Mila Kunis, the Friends With Benefits star, believes that she knows the solution to most weight problems. And that solution is Willpower. Mila believes that the secret to weight loss is all about willpower.

This is what she recently told British Glamour,

“I’m a huge foodie. I love food. But when people say, ‘I can’t lose weight,’ no, no, no, you can. Your body can do everything and anything. You just have to want to do it.”

The actress, is not all talk, she has walked the talk as well, and that too in recent past. In the past two years the actor has shown the world how to lose a lot of weight within a certain amount of time.

One such situation came when, not so slim Mila had to play a role alongside Natalie Portman in the 2010 thriller Black Swan. Mila had to lose about twenty pounds to become role fit. Mila successfully shed those excess pounds in the allotted time. Mila later stated that the weight loss was a result of dancing, dieting, and a lot of self-esteem to lose weight that helped her succeed to reach her goal.

So when Mila says, losing weight is all about will power, we better believe her. He knows a thing or two about losing weight. Experts endorse her assertion too.