Military career Lure motivating Taiwanese Youth to lose weight

Proving once again that, A strong reason is a pre-requisite to a successful weight loss, many young men in Taiwan are losing substantial weights, to get weight fit for a military career.

Motivated by the desire to have a military career, hundreds of youths in Taiwan’s capital Taipei, are collectively losing thousands of kilograms among themselves and that to in a time bound manner. Top weight losers are said to be losing around 30 kilograms in less than 2 years.

But contrary to other weight losses, the weight loss model followed by these military career aspiring youths is healthier. Starting their weight loss journey with a goal to be physically fit as well; so that they can successfully complete the selection drills like short sprints, long races, self-weight exercises like push-ups; these men are mostly following healthy eating and exercising model to attain the desired weight loss.

Another important virtue of this weight loss is that, all these men, whether over weight or underweight, are aspiring to have an ideal body weight, in accordance with their age and height, prescribed by military manuals; hence there are least chances that this weight loss enthusiasm may deviate into anorexia (having a body weight, much below the ideal body weight).

To assist such youths in their weight loss in a healthy manner, a weight-loss class organized by the Hsinchu City Public Health Bureau has set a goal of losing 12,600kg in total for the 8,000 people who had signed up for the class and Lee lost the most weight of them all.

The desire of a military career is motivating hundreds of Taiwanese Youths to have a fitter and healthier body.


If  a country’s military has prepared a right weight chart for new recruits (which most of the times is right), then the chart is the most appropriate measure of the fitness level of any person. Just a glance at the chart to see the ideal body weight according to one’s gender and height, is enough to get any person an idea of his her fitness.

another important thing to be understood here is — rather than following any vogue weight loss diet or model, it’s bet to lose weight like soldiers — By running, exercising and eating Healthy.