Mini Chakravyuh: Hunt for India’s Best IT Security Expert

ESET Kyrion Tie-up to Educate IT Students on Cyber Security. Kyrion is conducting Mini Chakravyuh Competition in different IT Colleges. The Hunt is for India’s Best IT Security Expert


ESET, global provider of security solutions for businesses and consumers, tied up with Kyrion to educate IT college students on the cyber security aspects. Kyrion conducts Mini Chakravyuh competition in different colleges across India with an award ‘The Hunt for the India’s Best IT Security Expert’.


In all the competitions, ESET’s respective area sales manager will represent ESET at the event. ESET has till now provided 1200+ ESET Smart Security single user license key for the contestants. For the contest, contestants also have online option where an average 500+ participants can participate. 100 finalists will be selected of all the participants who will then contest for ‘The Hunt for the India’s Best IT Security Expert’ award. Kyrion selects 3 winners out of 100, and winners will receive a cash reward of Rs. 50,000/-, Rs. 25,000/- and Rs.10,000/- respectively.


Mr Pankaj Jain, Director at ESET said, “Our aim is to encourage and enhance the students on security aspects by providing them a safer digital world. It is a very good platform to showcase our expertise and also to literate students & teachers community. Kyrion is one of the best groups, who work on information security training to students and professionals.

In recent years, Ethical Hacking (or White Hat hacking) & IT Security Training have emerged as a serious career option. IT Security Expert has emerged as a necessity in most companies with online exposure.

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