Minority Appeasement — Most Disrespectful, Fake Term Propogated

You can’t blame any Government of minority appeasement, if it tries to stop any communal tension or any efforts to create one. As logic says, any group in minority will never want group tension.

BJP keeps blaming the SP Government in UP of being partial to Hindus. Ask what an elected government do in such situations?

If it doesn’t act ,then it’s blamed for not controlling the escalation of violence. If it does, then it’s blamed of minority appeasement.

In recent years everytime minorities are protected in a riot, some start calling it partiality. What should the government do then? Become inactive (a mute spectator) and allow the killing of people? Or allow the group in majority massacre those in minority?

If you look closely, law & order and policing is actually required for those in minority or those who are disprivileged. Those adequate in number , representation and privileged will get the protection anyway.

India may have some big religions and groups, but there are thousands of minorities of every description and texture scattered all over India. These minorities may be bracketed under monoliths of religious identity, but in the real world, they are distinct from their religious identity. A Hindu in North East is very different from a Hindu in Delhi. A Hindu in North East has one status there, and another status in Delhi. Although may be tried to be bracketed under the same tag of Hindu. A sikh in Punjab is not the same as the Sikh in Mumbai. And under this light, India has countless minorities defined by caste, traditions,ethnicity, regions, civil code, privileges (dalits), non-uniform distribution of resources, job migration etc. A person from UP may see himself as a majority in UP, but he’s surely not one in Maharashtra. That’s why minority appeasement is one of the most disrespectful and Fake terms being propagated by some in India. The fact is: It’s creation of small Thinking.

If everything is brushed aside as minority appeasement , then no one will do anything for any minority (someone who doesn’t has voice).  The beauty of a democracy is that it can protect even those who don’t have a representation or voice. Lets not tie up the democracy in India. Remember, even you or I can be a minority, from some benchmark & in our own estimation.