Modi belonging to Backward Caste doesn’t Benefit OBCs

In a recent rally in Bihar, BJP PM candidate Narendra Modi said that it’s the BJP who made a person belonging to backward caste, its PM candidate. Does Modi’s Backward Class claim help the OBCs in India? The answer is no.

Any politics benefits a particular caste, when it’s the ‘identity politics of that caste’. For identity politics, the political party or the leader must have strong connect and empathy for that caste. Unfortunately the party Mr. Narendra Modi belongs historically has no such connect for the OBC, SC, STs and reserved categories.

BJP does the politics of ‘Sanskritization or Sanskritikaran’. That’s if a person belonging to OBC, SC, STs and reserved categories, he/she has to shed the identity of his/her caste and get into the Vaishnav fold or hindutva fold (which BJP claims is a way of Life). This sometimes means a vermilion and a kalawa (sacred red thread around the wrist). This many a times also means indirectly exhorting the person to let leave the benefits of Reservation in jobs.

During the Anti Mandal agitation in early 90s, who made the bulk of the protestors? And which political parties in India do the identity politics of castes ? Lets think over these questions.