Modi blames Congress of promoting Meat Export… Polarisation Tactic !

Why I see Modi blaming Congress led UPA government of promoting meat export (particularly beef export) as another polarizing tactic?

A tactic to polarize the country between Hindus and Muslims. And Hindus and Christians.

But before that lets look at two of Narendra Modi’s statements made

1) at today’s election rally in Buxar, Bihar and

2) made in another election rally at Khandwa , Madhya Pradesh on August 19, 2012.

Narendra Modi in Public Rally at Buxar said,

“Bihar is land of people who worship cows but leaders like Lalu Prasad Yadav have joined hands with those who are promoting meat export in the form of pink revolution. We heard of green revolution which has now been sidelined and the Government at the Centre is destroying country’s livestock in the name of pink revolution,”

“Congress-led UPA Government is promoting destruction of country’s livestock, by slashing subsidies on agriculture to encourage meat export in the form of pink revolution.”

Narendra Modi in an election rally in Khandwa , Madhya pradesh on August 19, 2012 said,

“Lal Bahadur Shastri used to talk of green revolution but they are promoting pink revolution by promoting meat exports. They are giving subsidy to set up slaughter houses. Cows and other animals are getting slaughtered,”

“The country’s animals are being slaughtered because they have taken an initiative to export meat. The UPA government is preventing farmers from exporting cotton but giving subsidy to promote meat exports. You need to vote out this government,”

Why this is another Polarisation Tactic of BJP !

Lets counter Narendra Modi’s statement in a pointed manner:

1) In more than two terms of BJP rule in Gujarat; beef and meat eating is not eradicated from Gujarat. That apart, many Hindu communities also eat beef in Gujarat.

2) By referring to Beef, BJP wants to create an impression that it’s only non-Hindus who eat Beef (cow meat) in India.

3) Like agriculture and dairy industry , Poultry and meat industry also supports numerous people in India.

4) If we assume that all the leather required for making leather goods in India — leather goods which make for domestic consumption and exports, comes from animals which are deskinned after their natural death, then we are NOT ACCEPTING THE TRUTH .

Cattle and buffaloes which account for over 60 per cent of meat production, are primarily reared for milk and towards the end of their productive life, are utilised for their meat and Hide (skin used to create Leather for shoes, bags and other goods) .

A ban on meat production or export would lead to an abnormal rise of unproductive animals which is inconsistent with sound animal husbandry practices. What are sound animal Husbandry practices? In other words, they are the sound Business practices which keep a business feasible or profitable. Let I give you an example.

Many of us eat hen eggs. Hens which are reared for eggs are different from those which are reared for meat. A hen reared for eggs may have less body weight, but they have good egg laying frequency. A good egg laying hen variety can start laying eggs from 18 months, and continues to lay eggs at a good frequency for the next two years. After that, the number of eggs they lay can’t even make up for the expenses made on their food and shelter and general upkeep. The business sense says such hens must be sent to the slaughter house; so that the poultry farm owner can keep his business profitable.

Same logic applies to other animals in dairy business.

Now, many among us will see this against our values or grain. But that’s how the World works.

May among us will stop wearing a particular brand of cloth for it using child labour. Or many among us will stop eating farm eggs, as they come from captive birds. But broadly seeing, these are examples of just our value system. A value system which many a times sees no benevolence in abandoning non-productive cattle (like old cows, non milch cows or male cattle) on roads to munch on plastic bags and waste.

No matter how we may try, or we may pretend or criticize, if everyone starts having the same values, one out of the two things happens 

a) Either we will have shortage of products to fulfill the needs of the people OR

b) Businesses will make loss, and shut down.

Only that person who can stop wearing leather shoes, belts, carry leather bags etc… or who stops eating sweets (mithai) with Silver foil (Chandi ka Vark) can have double standards of meat exports, leather goods and meat consumption. BTW, Silver foil is made by beating a silver piece kept in between leather sheets with a wooden hammer :).

As a matter of fact, history says: those communities in Hindu fold consuming beef are those who are into the de skinning profession. These castes when deskin a cattle, consume the meat of that animal as food. This is their way of survival or making full use of their effort. And this is professional logic. If a person can de-skin an animal; then what is wrong in eating its meat.

5) Many among us eat meat. If not beef; then surely goat, sheep, chicken etc. A person who doesn’t eat meat, can see some distinction between meats. Such a person can raise his/her disappointment at meat eating. If a person eating goat , or chicken, is getting offended by someone eating some other animal. Then this is double standards.

6) In late 60s, RSS saw an opportunity in grouping people in UP on the question of faith in Cow. RSS saw that many people in UP worship cow as a mother; that’s why they saw a sizable support base there. But even at that time, this perception was rather limited.

7) We can’t see meat export, consumption and de-skinning as a menial work, as only a miniscule percentage of Indians (Brahmins) can take God worship as a profession. Cattle for leather, meat supports much more people than cattle for milk.

8) Portraying oneself as the well-wisher of animals is one thing. Being empathetic to them is entirely another. Hindu pilgrimage cities like Rishikesh, Varanasi and Allahabad have truck loads of abandoned bulls and cows roaming on streets. Male calves are abandoned on the name of Lord Shiva, cows on the name of “mother”.

The Reality!

Narendra Modi and his party is giving a ‘political slant’ by making ‘inflammatory’ statement on meat and beef exports.

The Central Government or any Government since India’s independence, including that of BJP, have promoted meat export in the form of pink revolution, as a large population of the country is supported directly or indirectly on it. That apart, since a large section of India is meat eating, hence the Governments see it unethical to curb meat consumption in the country.

The fact of the matter is, Meat is largely a by-product of livestock, utilizing spent animals at the end of their productive life. Cattle and buffaloes which account for over 60 per cent of meat production, are primarily reared for milk and towards the end of their productive life, are utilized for meat production. A ban on meat production or export would lead to an abnormal rise of unproductive animals which is inconsistent with sound animal husbandry practices.

You can’t misinform people for damn votes!

It’s unfortunate that a political party like BJP, which aspires to rule this country , is promoting inaccurate and misleading information about many important issues, including meat. That too when it very well knows that the factual position is completely opposite. Public discourse on policy matters must never be allowed to be trapped in partisan political agenda. Any caste in India, be it Hindu or muslim, started eating beef or buffalo meat, simply because they historically were thrust upon the responsibility to dispose off or deskin these animals for those castes who saw the work a sin or menial. In short, even today the poorest and marginalized castes in India are in meat, hide and leather industry.

That’s why is the BJP and its Prime Ministerial candidate can offer a better replacement to Meat economy in India; then it must bring it clearly on public platform. Making plain rhetoric is not good.

It’s sad that in order to polarize the country , Narendra Modi doesn’t even shy away from appealing the people to reject ‘pink revolution’. He even doesn’t shy away from blaming the UPA Government led by Congress for “promoting slaughtering of cows”.

Which is a factual lie :

As the UPA Government may be promoting meat exports, but not promoting Cow slaughter, as the Constitution of India bans the Cow slaughter.

The UPA government may not have effectively contained the illegal cow slaughter , but so has Gujarat. Even after 10 years of rule, Mr. Modi can’t claim his state to be beef free.

Mr. Modi must remember that Meat and hide economy in India is giving employment to millions of people in this country. Most of these people are simply doing their work and feeding their children. They are not doing so to offend anyone.

That’s why lets not communalise everything, everytime!