10 Reasons why Modi Cabinet differs from UPA2 Government

Guided by the philosophy of “Minimum Government maximum Governance”, the new BJP led NDA Government expanded its cabinet yesterday. 04 Cabinet ministers, 17 ministers of State took oath of secrecy. With this the minister tally in the new Government reaches 65, excluding the PM. Interestingly, this is only 12 less than the previous UPA 2 Government. The Congress led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) 2 Government included 77 members, 76 members in the cabinet plus Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

But still, one can’t make comparisons between the Modi Sarkar and UPA 2. Below are the 10 reasons why Modi Sarkar is different from the UPA 2, irrespective of whether it’s showing inching towards the size of UPA 2 cabinet :

1) 65 is a much smaller number than 75.

2) UPA 2 never gave the Wise slogan of Minimum Government Maximum Governance, it jumped at the cabinet size within days of swearing in. The first 20 cabinet ministers in UPA 2 including Manmohan Singh, sworn in on 22 May 2009. Immediately followed by the other 59 cabinet members swore in on 27 May 2009.

Modi Government in contrast, took 6 long months to achieve the tally of 66. That apart, it first gave the slogan, then expanded towards the jumbo cabinet.

3) UPA 2 Government only cared about Congressmen (and women). Modi Sarkar in contrast is honest enough to fulfill its promise or recognise the talent of defectors. That’s why former Shiv Sainik Suresh Prabhu, former Congressman Chaudhary Virendra Singh and former RJD man (lalu Prasad Yadav’s right hand, left hand man) Mr. Ram Kripal Yadav were immediately included among the oath takers.

The non-Congress cabinet ministers, include Sharad Pawar and Praful Patel from Nationalist Congress Party, Farooq Abdullah from National Conference and Chaudhary Ajit Singh from RLD.

4) Every human being who took oath in Modi’s cabinet is honest, hard working, upright and talented. This can’t be said of UPA 2.

5) The Modi Government now has Giriraj Singh. A man, according to newspaper reports, honest enough to tell the Bihar Police that the money (more than 1 crore Rupees in cash) that had been stolen from his residence in Patna a couple of months ago, and recovered by Bihar Police within days, belonged to his businessman friend. Notably, the thief was honest enough to tell the police that he stole more than a crore from Giriraj Singh’s house. But Mr. Singh’s honesty is ultimate, as he told the police who the money actually belonged to. It belonged to his friend, kept in his possession, for safe keeping.

6) The Modi Government managed to cut down the stature of BJP National Vice-President Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi ( a sub heading in many media reports).

… see, Modi Cabinet differs from UPA 2 Government.

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