Modi Government assuring a small section of India | Currency Change

There’s something with the Modi Government that every time its ministers, including the PM himself, says something assuring, it seems to be meant for just those who use Debit Cards or in other words are comfortable with Plastic Money. At no point of time the discomfort of a common man who has used cash money to live his life up till November 8 2016 reflects in these assurances. This is surprising as this way the Government is not addressing his/her¬†discomforts at all.

Does this mean a large section or the majority of population is absent from the Modi Government’s dream of an India shining?

Take for example the current difficulties arising due to major currency change. Every time someone in the Government or associated with it wants to comfort the distressed people; they just keep saying the new currency & cash availability in ATMs & banks will get normal in next 10 or 50 days. This is very surprising as the currency change is logically not difficult for those who have option to pay by cheque or withdraw money from cash counter or ATM. The currency change is hitting that person the most, who in reality is the common man.

Who’s the common man (or woman)?

Here it’s important to understand that if you are educated, not particularly poor (have some savings to rely on for at least some months), comfortable with plastic money, then you are not the common man we’re talking about. In this particular case, a common man is someone who lives his life on a day to day basis (that’s he spends sizable portion of what he earns, and his family saves insignificant small money). This common man has to work evey day to feed him and his family.

The distress is for this common man.

This common man constitutes the sizable portion of Indian population. This common man is a daily wage earner, whose earning is linked to trade, commerce and the movement of money. The absence of real money in one go is hitting him the most.

Hope the Government addresses the acute discomfort of this large portion of Indian population. Because common logic says that if today (November 15, 2016) you’re not able to make online purchases, simply because the online gateways are crashing due to transaction pressure, then you’re not feeling the heat. And you certainly are not the ‘Common man’.