Modi Government creating Class division in Society!

I always feel that the best way to respond to disagreements is to take time before airing one’s views. This habit works well, as it gives the person ample time to reconsider, and release anger, if any.

On this Independence Day Speech, PM Narendra Modi informed the Nation that the Government’s request to the Well-off people in Indian society to give up their LPG subsidy is already showing results; and till now more than 3 Lakh people have given up their LPG subsidy.

Modi Government creating Class division in SocietyI always believed that an elected Government requesting its citizens to give up some subsidy is NOT a good thing. Simply because, such requests create a Class division in the society. Take for instance the Modi Government’s request made to the economically able people in the society, to give up LPG subsidy. The call has created a picture in the minds of many Indians, that when a Government offers subsidy to the poor or economically weaker people (any one who benefits from such subsidies);  the Government manages to do so, only when economically well-off or rich people, give-up their right.

This is not a good thing. As every citizen of the Country benefits from Government policies based on his/her necessity. For instance, those who don’t benefit from BPL Schemes, avail the subsidies given by the Government to Universities for Higher Education. Ask yourself: How many Rickshaw-pullers or construction labours manage to send their children to college, let alone send to Engineering or Medical Colleges? 

In the same way, even the top 1 percent people (in terms of Wealth) benefit from tax concessions from the Government. It’s ironical that whenever people indulge in drawing room debates, they only criticize the food security given to the needy; or the fertilizer subsidy given to farmers. They seldom discuss, the cost at which they got the Land Line Phone or the Broadband connection; and what amount the Government spent in providing them the facility. Most of the times, the Government subsidises such services by 80-90 percent.

In simple, it’s not good for a Government to ask people to give up subsidies.

If the government doesn’t want to give any subsidy above a certain economic level; then it should do it universally. It should make a policy and implement it. The way BPL, APL benchmarks had been created in the PDS System or Public Distribution System.

In the same way, if the Government doesn’t want the people above a certain economic level to avail LPG subsidy; then it must do it universally. That apart, there are better ways to contain the subsidy spending. For instance, to insure that the owners of 30 Lakh or 50 Lakh Rupees private vehicles don’t benefit from the diesel subsidy ; then the best way to do this is to make such vehicles expensive. So that anyone who is simply buying a diesel vehicle to benefit from lesser diesel prices,  is left with no significant benefit in the long run; as he is already paying much money at the time of purchase.

From the last couple of weeks, TV Channels are airing Suraksha Bandhan Advertisment. In the advertisement, the PM is shown requesting the citizens (again the rich people) to gift one of the two of the insurance Schemes of Modi Government, to their servants, gatekeepers or Housemaids.

My Question is: Why such a request ? why doesn’t the Government implement existing laws or create new laws, to ensure the economic security of such people who work at parasitic wages in such unorganized sectors?