Has Modi Govt. opposed PNB fraud probe plea PIL in SC | Fact Check

Has Modi Govt. opposed yesterday a PIL seeking investigation to be launched into PNB fraud in Supreme Court?

This is an important question as some people are calling the news report as Fake.

The news is NOT FAKE.

A Supreme Court Bench led by Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra has indeed heard a PIL yesterday seeking investigation to be launched against the “top management” of the Punjab National Bank (PNB) and to deport diamond merchant Nirav Modi, who is at the centre of an alleged Rs. 11,000 crore banking loan fraud, in two months. So the news is Real.

Attorney-General K.K. Venugopal for the Govt. has opposed the petition on the ground that the Centre has already started the investigation into the PNB fraud.

So the Centre on Wednesday has indeed opposed a plea demanding a probe into PNB fraud or purported PNB scam under Supreme Court’s supervision.

It must be noted that although the SC bench non- unanimously found the PIL as unnecessary and publicity seeking, the bench did expressed its desire to know in detail as to why the government was opposing this PIL. Further hearing on the matter will take place on March 16, 2018.

Plea for a probe into PNB Fraud or purported scam under Supreme Court monitored Investigation


It is up to you how you see the Govt.’s opposition to the PIL.

But there is another aspect to this opposition as well.

You see, forget Rs. 11000 crores, even Rs. 100 crores is a big money for any Corporate or big business. This explains why they try their best to get tax exemption of even Rs. 80 crores.

Seeing that way, Rs. 11000 crores is astronomical. That too when it is being reported by the Govt. itself that so and so persons have defrauded the bank (or the people) by generating fraud bank guarantee.

Is it possible for such a massive fraud take place in any Bank’s branch in India’s economic capital Mumbai, without the influence or coercion from bank’s top management, working at the behest of some really influential political people and some influential well connected businessmen?

Do you believe a branch level Bank Clerk or Manager can manage such a fraud on his/her own?

The Supreme Court may ask the Govt. these questions too in the next hearing.