Modi Govt Rafale Deal reopened by Supreme Court | Seems Logical

Finally, a three judge Supreme Court bench has decided to see the “Confidential Documents” about Modi Govt.’s Rafale deal. The court has asked the Govt. to submit to it, the said documents in a “sealed envelope”.

The court’s decision to have a look into the “Documents” which till now were being put behind the unnecessary veil of secrecy, is good for the people.

From the day one, the present Govt’s stand on its Rafale deal looked surprising and less transparent.

Take for example the pricing of a Rafale in the new deal. Although a minister in the present Government disclosed in the Parliament, the total amount to be paid and the number of Rafale fighter planes purchased; the Govt. for some reason always questioned anyone who called it too expensive by quoting the “Price per Rafale”.

sc reopens modi rafale dealIt was rather odd behavior on the part of the Govt. because given those numbers (total amount paid and number of Rafales purchased), it was not difficult to calculate a rather accurate price per Rafale.

There were other flip-flops in Govt. stand as well.

These flip-flops in Modi Govt. Rafale deal were serious even when the argument that just Rs. 500 crores or Rs. 5000 crores or whopping Rs. 30,000 crores are being paid to the Indian offset partner(s) is accepted in the name of National security.

One such serious question was about: The choice of the Indian offset partner.

Why was an Indian company on the verge of bankruptcy, having no experience in such defense offsets, chosen as a partner in the new Rafale deal?

It might not be a mere coincidence that the owner of the same Indian company had to be recently baled out from an imminent bankruptcy by his elder brother by paying Rs. 500 crore.

Then there are some surprise doings by the Govt. as well.

The Govt.’s lawyer told the Supreme Court — The Rafale CAG report has been tabled in the parliament. The fact : It wasn’t.

When the Supreme Court said it is not the correct body to look into the corruption in the Modi Govt.’s Rafale deal, the Government and the leading political party, the BJP, told the people that it has been given clean chit in the Rafale deal. The fact: It has not been given a clean chit by the Supreme Court.

Whether or not, the new Rafale deal is a serious corruption; only time will tell. But there are many questions which need to be answered.

Hence it is good to see the Rafale deal case reopened by the Supreme Court. If Rafale documents are confidential, then let the Supreme Court look into those.

To conclude, some people say — The money spent on the new Rafale deal is not important. They are wrong.

The money spent on any such deal is important because when money is spent in corrupt ways, then it is the people who ultimately have to make up for that spend. How do they do it?

By risking their money kept in banks to bale out (rescue) bankrupt businesses or; by paying more for products and services.