Modi is a Better Orator than Rahul Gandhi…but oratory misinforms!

Modi is a Better Orator than Rahul Gandhi…without Doubt.

And as Modi says , it’s indeed very funny to hear Rahul Gandhi say in one of his Election Rallies that 27000 crore vacancies are vacant in Gujarat. But unlike Narendra Modi , Rahul makes such mistakes once in a while. Narendra Modi misquotes facts quite often. But since Modi is a great orator, such mistakes of facts, stats and history don’t get noticed or are silently ignored. But not always…check out the video below (we haven’t create this video. We have simply checked the video for misinformation) :


Unfortunately, much is hailed under the tag of oratory.

And oratory most of the times misinforms the voters to solve ones agenda. For instance, when the rivals blamed Narendra Modi of giving acres and acres of land in Gujarat to Gautam Adani, the BJP defended the attack by saying that the land was given to Adani was infertile. Now compare this statement with the constant rhetoric of BJP and RSS, where it attacks Jawaharlal Nehru by quoting his statement that India gave Aksai Chin to China, as it was barren stretch of land. There’s not much difference in the two statements , Right? Although Nehru can be given some merit in surrendering Aksai Chin to China, as unless truce was made, thousands of Indians soldiers fighting for the country would have died.

The fact of the matter is , whenever oratory (in Hindi “Lachhedar Bhasha”) enters into political debate, the real facts go into oblivion (in Hindi “Kshitij”) . In the recently concluded India Today debate, when the Anchor asked BJP’s Amit Shah , answer the massive unemployment in Gujarat and why Gujarat Government appoints certain Government posts on a fixed pay of Rs 5300 ; Amit Shah quickly changed the topic to India’s sovereignty , pride of Indian Army and borders with China. In short, he diverted the listener’s attention from much more important topic of employment for Youth to an issue which is emotional. I call this diverting trick as the ‘Movie Gladiator Trick’. In movie gladiator, whenever the Ministers or Senators try to bring to Roman Emperor’s (actually he was the usurper) attention to issues of people’s welfare , the Usurper starts speaking lofty words like patriotism, greatness etc. To put the real issues permanently to the back burner, he ordered 150 days of Sports or Gladiator Fights.

The Last one year of 2014 Lok Sabha Election campaigning, we have listened to everything from Hindu Asmita, Communalism, Ram Mandir, Terrorism , India’s borders , crony capitalism .. to scams, Corruption etc. Not for once we heard real issues like Unemployment , education, right wage for right work and tangible plan of action to address these real issues.  It’s much easier for BJP to say that Modi Government will contain price rise, increase Minimum support price of crops for farmers and generate 14 crore jobs; it’s much difficult to explain to the Nation, how it’s going to attain that. As if Modi sees Computers in every office as the mode to fight corruption; then he can’t generate 14 crore jobs, as computers reduce human requirement. That’s if 10 people are needed to do a job manually, then the same job can be completed by two computers. If Modi wants to make India as a manufacturing hub like China; then he must know that the wages in manufacturing units in China (which contract manufacture for big companies of the World ) are lowest in the World. This means exploitation of the worker. This also means victimisation and worst working conditions in manufacturing units. These units are simply a way to offer cheap labor to parasitic Capitalists. It’s not very much different form Modi’s Gujarat Government paying Rs 5300 per month to young men and women. Ask yourself : Can a young man or woman feed his family and plan his/her life in Rs 5300 ? This when Gujarat under Modi has the highest debt in the country (1.67 Lakh Crore) .

If the future of the nation depends on its Youth, then young men and women in India must segregate (in Hindi “Alag karna ya Chhanana” ) real issues from Oratory. Remember Oratory misinforms. Why? As Oratory appeals to the heart. Issues that really matter appeal to the Brain.

PS: Narendra Modi’s Kite industry model shared in Varanasi on the day of Nomination, doesn’t paint a bright picture, as while describing how he changed the Kite industry of Gujarat, Narendra Modi claimed that “Poor muslims now make kites in their Huts”. This means the poor has not benefited from the improved Kite industry.