Modi must Listen to Yashwant Sinha’s “Speak Less” Advice!

Why Modi must Listen to Yashwant Sinha’s “Speak Less” Advice?

There are reasons why Yashwant Sinha’s Advice has gravity to it. The reasons may not exactly be what Yashwant Sinha stated, but still Narendra Modi must know the reasons and act on the Advice.


Congress Vice president Rahul Gandhi is speaking less than adequate. On contrary, BJP’s PM candidate Narendra Modi is speaking more than required. Both on the two poles of communication spectrum are not helping the voters. Rahul, by not letting people know his views, and Modi by hurting people directly or indirectly.

If compared the communication styles of the two, Rahul Gandhi’s appears to be less harming.

No, I’m not referring to the vote loss, the sarcasm pointed at Muslims, can bring for the BJP. Votes are always secondary. May be Modi’s word polarise Hindus “for Being Hindus” and BJP may come to power in 2014 Lok Sabha Polls. If that happens, then all those who are advising Modi to speak less, will have to eat their words.

The reasons I’m referring here are the ones which are more important than votes. After all, what are votes — Your indication of likeness for a party. At any moment, some will vote for BJP and some for Congress. And some others for other political parties. So vote is not in the picture.

The reasons why narendra modi must speak less can be rounded as below:

Every Party has a long line of sycophants (in Hindi, “Chaaploos”) and a section of supporters who can go to any lengths to help their Leaders. Such supporters, can go to any extremes to see their leader succeed. And obviously, they don’t do it for any money gain. They do it for the affection towards their leader and what they perceive is good for their leader.

But this undying love for a leader can result in unwanted consequences. Particular if, the supporter or some sycophant assumes that the act he/she is going to do, has the silent or express approval of their Political master. In such a situation, a single line from the leader can inflict damage of any level.

For instance, After the assassination of Indira Gandhi, the statement made by Rajeev Gandhi: “The Earth trembles whenever a Big Tree Falls” in a way gave a silent approval to many Indira Gandhi supporters to kill Sikhs in Delhi and other paces.

In 2002, CM Narendra Modi’s statement that: “Riots in Gujarat were a logical reaction to Godhra” resulted in 2002 Gujarat Riots.

The day since, Narendra Modi addressed BJP cadre in Bihar via teleconferencing, two major incidents have taken place in Bihar. One the Bodhi Gaya Blasts and Second, Death of 23 Children after eating mid day meal.

Now, what was the cause of the death of 23 children, is a matter of investigation; but one thing is for sure, whenever an influential person or politician shoots his mouth off, there’s always a possibility of sabotage. A sabotage, which can even be the result of some mischief by some political rival.

The unfortunate thing is: Whenever an over ambitious speaks more than required, consciously of consciously, the casualty is always the Common man, That too a “POOR COMMON MAN”.


PS: The Wisdom, Speak Less, especially when you are Influential, holds True every single time. As for an influential person has equal number of Followers and Adversaries.

PS: If even after becoming Big, influential, you use words like “We will teach a Lesson to Nitish Kumar” , then your statement can be seen in three ways:

1) You are innocent as cow, who doesn’t know what words to use. And in that case, you’re not particularly sharp.

2) You are not aware of the clout you hold. But every leader knows his/her influence among his supporters.

3) You are either not bothered by the consequence of Your words, OR are too bothered of the Consequence.