Modi must Tell… How the Nation Insults its Soldiers?

There’s a reason why people shouldn’t indulge in big talk. The reason for this is: Those people who indulge in big talk are normally the ones who make unsubstantiated and vague statements.

In the BJP’s Ex-servicemen rally at Rewari, Haryana, the BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi said many things. One of these was:

Please don’t insult soldiers who are willing to die for the Nation

I’ve strong objection to this statement. The statement is too vague. And unless Modi explains it, it will remain vague. And vague statements are not good, as they misinform the listener.

Let I share, what I mean.

What are the ways a Nation can insult its soldiers?

1) By not paying Them Well

2) By not providing a decent level of living to the family of the soldier.

3) By not giving respect to their martyrdom.

What are the areas which can’t be termed as insult to Soldiers?

1) A Soldier dying on duty

A Soldier is trained to fight the enemy. The Nation entrusts a soldier with a gun.

2) A soldier’s killing not contested by the Government in an international Court on Human rights.

You can’t blame the Nation, every time a soldier is killed on its borders. In the same way, you can’t blame the nation for not taking a soldier’s killing at international Court of law. If the Nation’s sovereignty is compromised by taking a soldier’s killing to international court of law, then it’s better not to do that. Let I give you an example. If taking a soldier’s killing to International Court of law, meant having some powerful Western country as interlocutor in India Pakistan dispute, then it’s better not to head to that international court (Patriotism exists only when we have sovereign nation. If any action makes our nation less sovereign, then the whole concept of patriotism and martyrdom becomes meaningless).

Captain Sourav Kalia was killed by Pakistan about 15 years ago.  Three Governments, One of BJP and two of Congress, chose to remain inactive on the issue. For the same reason.

Apart from these, I don’t see anything which points that Indian Government or its people are insulting the Soldiers.

In my state of Uttarakhand, I’ve seen many young men and women, thinking twice before applying for even a Government Job. The Application fee, travelling and lodging expenses for even such exams is a big expense for such candidates. That apart, in a competitive job market everywhere in India, even contractual jobs in Uttarakhand are being reserved for the kin of Ex-Servicemen and In-Service men. In addition, in an attempt to rehabilitate Ex-Servicemen, even contractual jobs once occupied by local non-army youth in Uttarakhand, are now being given to Ex-Servicemen.

Now, I’m not saying, taking affirmative actions for Defence personnel is wrong. I’m only saying — what the Nation provides to its soldiers is quite dignified. In a country where the population-jobs ratio, renders many young men and women jobless; the Government is ensuring not only a good level of living for its soldiers, but also employment after retirement.


To Conclude, if Modi’s “Please don’t insult soldiers who are willing to die for the Nation” statement was an indirect remark at “How the current Government treated  the General in Date of Birth Controversy” then with due respect to everyone: A common joe loses his job, if it’s found that he/she lied about his/her date of Birth.