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Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi had his second round of motivational discussions with the class 10th and 12th students in the country. Although, it was not a discussion in its true sense (it was a monologue), the event was called #PareekshaCharcha2. The event was broadcast live, as far as possible.

pareeksha charcha, pariksha charcha, modi, motivational guru, trained child counsellorsIn the event, the Prime Minister gave stress coping, time management other tips to the students taking exams in March.

If you remember, Mr. Modi has also authored a book named Exam Warriors, where he talks, chapter by chapter, on how to cope up with exam stress; and how to get excellent marks in school exams.

Is the present Prime minister Narendra Modi the ideal counsellor for school children?

No, he is NOT.

For school going children one needs well trained counsellors.

This doesn’t mean that the parents, guardians, and other influential people cannot be the counsellors. They can. But their role is limited because they are not trained for the counselling.

Who can then be well-trained counsellors?

The ones, who are far better at counselling are well-trained teachers. They spend a significant time and focus on students; and they have a certain training about how children think, act and behave.

Beyond teachers, are the experts, who have their entire education in understanding how children think, act and behave.

Fortunately and unfortunately, everyone right from parents to guardians to any other influential person plays the role of a counsellor because of his/her closeness with the child.

This explains why most children DO NOT see their parents as their role models.

Can one learn counselling just by watching YouTube videos or by reading books on how to score great marks in school exams?


Again… NO.

Because real counsellor knows what to preach (to teach) and where to stop. He also knows every child is unique.

So the present Prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s attempt at counselling school children, is NOT effective counselling. It is very similar to: I can drive a bus full of passengers, because I think I can; and the passengers allow me to sit on the driver’s seat.

It would have been better, if well-paid trained counsellors are appointed in schools. Or at least the real counselling work is left to the teachers.

To conclude, children have their unique ways of learning. In addition, every child is unique. Instant lessons on how to cope with stress or how to score good marks usually do not work. It is a surprise that the ministry of Human Resource Development wants events such as Pareeksha Pe Charcha (a discussion on Exams) mandatorily broadcast live in every school in the country. A bigger surprise is that it wants every school student to listen to the 1 hour long monologue!… That too when the school children are much stressed with the exams and do not want to hear even the word exam!

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